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Consulting, Design, Sales, Integration, Installation, Monitoring, Maintenance/Support, Customs Clearance, Site Acquisition, Site Construction, Site Purchase-Leaseback and Project Financing 


Supporting the Delivery of powerful Service Provider & Media Infrastructure solutions
Project Management

  • Consulting

  • Design

  • Sales

  • Transportation

  • Customs Clearance

  • Inventory Warehousing

  • Integration 

  • Installation

  • Project Financing



  • Maintenance/Support Services

  • Spares Management

  • Managed Services

  • Monitoring

    • QoS, QoE​

    • Monitoring As A Service [MaaS]


Site Related


  • Site Acquisition

  • Site Conditioning

  • Site Construction

  • Site Purchase-Leaseback




Expert Guidance: Navigating complex technology landscapes.
ROI Analysis: Assessing potential returns on investments.
Solution Selection: Identifying the best equipment and solutions.
Turnkey Solutions: Delivering a fully operational platform.

Our consulting service provides an in-depth exploration of your technological needs and objectives. With a focus on expert guidance, we assess and analyze the potential return on investment for your ideas. We specialize in identifying and selecting the most suitable equipment and solutions to meet your specific needs. Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive, turnkey solution that transforms your concept into a fully operational platform, ensuring you are set for success from day one.



Visual Planning: Previewing the project's future.
Comprehensive Blueprints: Detailed and understandable designs.
Stakeholder Engagement: Ensuring clarity for all involved parties.
Pre-Construction Visualization: Knowing before investing.

Our design services provide a detailed and visual preview of your project, offering comprehensive blueprints that encompass every aspect of the installation. We ensure that the designs are detailed, clear, and understandable, engaging all stakeholders from investors to maintenance personnel. This pre-construction visualization allows you to see and understand how the project will look and operate, ensuring informed decision-making and financial commitment.



Technology Procurement: Sourcing the best equipment.
Negotiation: Securing competitive prices.
Detailed Reporting: Keeping you informed.
Budget Management: Ensuring cost-effective investments.


Our sales service is designed to streamline your technology procurement process. We focus on sourcing the best equipment while negotiating to secure the most competitive prices. Throughout the process, we provide detailed reporting to keep you informed of your investment and its alignment with the project plan. Our approach ensures a cost-effective investment, giving you the best value for your budget.



System Assembly: Combining components into a cohesive system.
Testing & Verification: Ensuring functionality and compatibility.
Documentation: Providing complete operational guides.
Turnkey Delivery: Handing over a fully operational system.


Integration services are all about transforming disparate components into a seamless, operational system. We specialize in assembling and testing systems at our dedicated test sites, ensuring every element works together as intended. Comprehensive documentation is provided, offering a clear understanding of the system's functionality. Our goal is to deliver a turnkey, fully operational system that meets your exact needs.




Expert Teams: Multi-disciplinary installation specialists.
Precision Installation: Flawless execution.
Diverse Environments: Adaptable to any location.
First-Time Success: Ensuring optimal performance from the start.


Our installation services are powered by expert teams of specialized personnel capable of handling any challenge. We focus on precision and flawless execution, adapting our approach to diverse environments and unique project requirements. Our commitment is to get it right the first time, ensuring optimal performance and reliability from the outset.



Tiered Services: Offering various levels of support.
Manufacturer Approval: Ensuring quality and compatibility.
Comprehensive Care: From requisition to repair.
Operational Excellence: Keeping your system at peak performance.

Maintenance and support services are designed to keep your system running at peak performance. We offer tiered services to match your specific needs, from simple module requisition to comprehensive on-site repair. Each service level is backed by manufacturer approval, ensuring quality and compatibility. Our focus is on providing comprehensive care to maintain operational excellence.



Level 1: Module Requisition

Level 2: On-Site Module Requisition and Replacement and

Level 3: On-Site/In-Office Module Requisition, Replacement and Repair.

All three levels of Maintenance and Support are available for the products supplied. All approved by the manufacturers. 


Customs Clearance


Importation Expertise: Handling complexities of customs.
Tariff Optimization: Securing the best tariffs.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to local laws.
Hassle-Free Process: Removing bureaucratic challenges.


Our customs clearance service offers expert handling of the importation process. We focus on optimizing tariffs and ensuring regulatory compliance with local laws. Our aim is to provide a hassle-free process, removing the bureaucratic challenges and complexities typically associated with customs, allowing you to focus on the broader goals of your project.


Site Acquisition

Unfamiliar with the territory? Just don't want to negotiate a price? Doubtful about property disputes or coverage expectations? We take away all of the concerns and leave you to concentrate on the commercialization of your system. 

Location Sourcing: Finding the ideal site.
Negotiation Expertise: Handling price and terms.
Legal Diligence: Addressing disputes and coverage issues.
Project Focus: Leaving you to concentrate on commercialization.

Site acquisition services are about sourcing and securing the ideal location for your system. We bring expertise in negotiation and legal diligence to handle any disputes and coverage issues. Our approach allows you to maintain your focus on the commercial aspects of your project, knowing the site acquisition is in expert hands.


Site Construction

We can develop the site completely after Acquisition. From the foundation to the last bulb on the tower; even if it needs to withstand 200MPH hurricane winds, we will build it for you. The shelters can be relocatable or fixed; the towers can be guyed or self-supporting and the land can be open field or fenced-in...we will build it, to suit your needs. 

Custom Builds: Tailored to your specifications.
Environmental Adaptation: Ready for any condition.
Structural Variety: From relocatable shelters to self-supporting towers.
End-to-End Service: Foundation to final installation.


Our site construction service offers custom builds tailored to your specific needs and environmental conditions. Whether you need relocatable shelters or self-supporting towers, we provide a variety of structural options. Our end-to-end service covers everything from the foundation to the final installation, ensuring a site that suits your operational needs perfectly.



Have existing sites? Want to expand in several areas all at once? We know the folks that will buy your sites and lease it back to you in installments...putting working capital right in your hands. Whether the value of your investment is $200K or $400MM, let us explore the options together. 

Asset Optimization: Maximizing your site value.
Flexible Arrangements: Tailored to your financial needs.
Immediate Capital: Freeing up working capital.
Expansion Support: Facilitating rapid growth.


Purchase-leaseback services are designed to optimize your assets, offering flexible arrangements tailored to your financial needs. This service provides immediate capital by selling your sites and leasing them back, freeing up working capital to support rapid expansion and other operational objectives.


Project Financing

From finding the right investors to getting the right loan, we are your source. Project financing begins at USD$500K and goes up as high as your needs require. 

Investor Connections: Accessing the right financial partners.
Loan Facilitation: Navigating the loa
n process.
Scalable Solutions: Catering to projects of all sizes.
Financial Empowerment: Turning visions into realities.


Our project financing services connect you with the right investors and facilitate the loan process, offering scalable solutions for projects of all sizes. We focus on empowering your financial capabilities, ensuring you have the support necessary to turn ambitious visions into successful realities.

Each of these descriptions provides a detailed overview of the service, highlighting the key features and benefits to offer a comprehensive understanding of what clients can expect.

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