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Network Power & Total Power Solutions

Along with our Energy Partner LionRock, we can assist with the design, supply, installation and maintenance of electrical generators and renewable power systems.


Diesel Generator Sets


LionRock provides a complete range of diesel powered generators from 5.0kVA to 3,250kVA. Smaller gensets are often used at telecom sites while the largest models operate as mini power stations for large enterprises and institutions.

Soundproof Canopies


+ Durable and Robust Construction

+ Security and Safety

+ Excellent Service and Maintenance Access

+ Low Noise - 63 dB(A)@1m

All-In-One Generator Set


+ Genset control panel integrated with ATS and ACDB

+ 500~2,000L (130~500 Gallon) diesel fuel tank (custom-made designs available), built-in fuel level sensor

+ Dummy load control

+ Auto fuel refilling system (float valve type)

+ 1,000 Hours Maintenance-Free Solution



All-In-One Modular Genset


and Hybrid Solutions


+ Cost saving
+ Space saving
+ Disaster recovery
+ Ease of expansion, upgrade and scalability
+ Speed of deployment

+ Multiple technologies in Modular solution: Battery, Solar, Wind, etc

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)


Using Leading-Brand Components, LionRock designs and manufactures automatic transfer switches for both indoor and outdoor use. These ATS are employed in some power systems to switch from a primary power source to a secondary source. For example, an ATS will detect a failure in the mains supply and start up a standby generator until the mains supply is restored. Any LionRock ATS can be integrated in the genset control panel.


Compact Dummy Load

The LionRock Compact Dummy Load is a portable, ultra-compact, resistive Dummy Load for indoor use.

High Security Fuel Tanks


For telecom cell sites, especially in remote locations, the theft of diesel fuel is a problem for the operators and service providers. It causes not only a direct economic loss to the operators, but also adds to the responsibility of the site services provider and results in false complaints of high fuel consumption to the diesel generator set manufacturers.

Solar Pv Power System


Photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight directly into electricity via silicon-based cells. Today, solar cells have typical conversion efficiencies of 15 to 20%. R&D programs are pushing the science to achieve efficiencies of greater than 50%.


Wind Turbines


LionRock supplies a range of small upwind and downwind type wind turbines rated from 300W to 20kW. We also supply turbines from selected manufacturers like Proven of the UK. LionRock also has the knowledge and experience to advise on model and site selection with particular attention to safety.


Data Center Load Bank


A Load bank is test equipment, which be used for testing the AC or DC power source, like generator power, UPS & air-conditioning of the Data-Center, mains electricity power equipment etc.., and as an indispensible equipment, it can avoid the generator start-up failure. Also, the load bank can be used as a source of heat.


DataCage Data Centre


The DataCage is an ISO standard shipping container designed and outfitted into a state of the art fully functional self-contained data centre.

Spare Parts.jpg

Spare Parts


Knowing you count on a full complement of Spare Parts is an integral part of your decision when choosing a supplier as partner for your projects.

We can custom-design a Spare Parts program for your company, your project or you can rest at ease with the local partner's complement of available parts for different models.

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