Automated media QC and Correction
Automated media QC and Correction

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Post Production QC
Post Production QC

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Broadcast QC
Broadcast QC

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Automated media QC and Correction
Automated media QC and Correction

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Vidchecker is an easy to install Windows software application for PCs/servers. It removes the labor intensive tasks of manually checking conformance by eye and hand, the need to check video/audio compliance with waveform monitors and audio loudness meters, and to manually correct levels with video processing amplifiers, and other tools. Vidchecker also integrates with Vantage workflows, and other workflow systems.

The GUI is accessed through a web browser either on the local machine or remotely over a network. It is optimized for checking file-based video before and after distribution, and for use by broadcasters for checking files received from post production and content distributors to ensure that file, video and audio parameters and levels are correct and ready for broadcast.

Multiple networked PC servers with Vidchecker licenses can work together as a Vidchecker Grid for enterprise installations requiring very large file throughputs.


TV Studios


Perfect Acoustic conditions make for the Highest Quality and Most Successful Programs.

+ Greater Control over Audience Applause/Noise

+ Eliminate or Reduce External Noises

+ Contain Sounds from Action Scenes, Loud Effects

+ Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Perfect Isolation

+ Accurate Measurements

+ Health and Safety Standards

+ Excellent Service and Maintenance Access

+ Lowest Noise possible

+ Accurate Measurements

+ Impeccable Design



Radio Stations


+ Eliminate External Noise & Internal Echoes

+ Improve Talent Sound with Perfect Environment

+ Professional Work for Professional Results




+ Dining Areas

+ Private Dining Sections

+ Concert Spaces

+ Help Dissipate Crowd Noise Escalation



+ Guest Rooms

+ Conference Centers

+ Machinery Rooms

+ Eliminate Environmental Noises

+ Improve Guest Satisfaction


Office Spaces



+ Conference Rooms

+ Teleconference Rooms

+ Waiting Areas

+ Common Work Areas

+ Warehouse transformations

+ Call Centers

+ Customer Service Centers

+ Customer Support Centers



Schools: Classrooms, Cafeterias,

Libraries, Gymnasiums...


+ Cost saving
+ Space saving








+ Reduce/Eliminate Echo/Reverberation

+ Improve Choir/Band sounds

+ Improve Service Quality for Enjoyment of parishioners/visitors




+ Enjoy a restful time at home with proper soundproofing

+ Noisy Floors above you (neighbor)

+ Isolate Media Rooms (Dens) from rest of home

+ Kids playrooms

+ Music Rooms

+ Penthouse-level Elevator Machinery noise

+ Eliminate street/traffic noise

Single Family Homes/Townhomes

+ Eliminate neighbor noises

+ Comply with Homeowner Association noise level requirements

+ Reduce ceiling/floor noises from rooftop equipment

+ Eliminate room-to-room noises

Individual Homes