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Consulting, Design, Sales, Integration, Installation, Monitoring, Maintenance/Support, Customs Clearance, Site Acquisition, Site Construction, Site Purchase-Leaseback and Project Financing 


Supporting the Delivery of powerful Service Provider & Media Infrastructure solutions
Project Management

  • Consulting

  • Design

  • Sales

  • Transportation

  • Customs Clearance

  • Inventory Warehousing

  • Integration 

  • Installation

  • Project Financing



  • Maintenance/Support Services

  • Spares Management

  • Managed Services

  • Monitoring

    • QoS, QoE​

    • Monitoring As A Service [MaaS]


Site Related


  • Site Acquisition

  • Site Conditioning

  • Site Construction

  • Site Purchase-Leaseback



Let our team of experts assist you in determining the best solution among the many options available today. Explore if your idea can provide you with the return on investment (ROI) you require. We can help you choose the best equipment and solution, plus put it all together and hand you the key of an operational platform - regardless of the application. 


Know how it will look, operate and feel even before you spend the money. Our design team will make certain that every aspect of your installation is properly designed so it can be understood by your team of investors, installers, operators and maintenance personnel...yes, even before it is built. 

We can source the equipment for you: negotiate the best brands at the best prices without leaving your seat. Detailed reports will keep you informed of the investment plans into equipment and infrastructure along the way so you can be assured the project is being put together as planned. 

Many projects will require that the system be assembled at a remote site before it is taken to the field for final installation. In many instances the use of multiple equipment manufacturers into a final system will complicate its implementation so you will want our experienced staff to provide you with a completed and operational 'system' and not just a bunch of equipment to be put together. We will put it all together at one of our test sites and make sure its working and properly documented as a complete system and not just individual equipment manuals. Talk about peace of mind! 

Need the equipment put into place? Well, there's no one better to do it. Various teams of specialized personnel can get the job done for you. Architects, Civial Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Individual Contractors, Communications Specialists, Technicians all come together to provide the expertise to do the job right the first time. From your operations center to your satellite antenna to your tallest tower in that remote mountain, we will get it running right. 

Level 1: Module Requisition

Level 2: On-Site Module Requisition and Replacement and

Level 3: On-Site/In-Office Module Requisition, Replacement and Repair.

All three levels of Maintenance and Support are available for the products supplied. All approved by the manufacturers. 

Customs Clearance
Don't want the headaches of dealing with Customs in your neck of the woods ? We will handle importing the products into the country where your project will be implemented, taking away the headaches and securing the best tariffs local laws allow. 

Site Acquisition
Unfamiliar with the territory? Just don't want to negotiate a price? Doubtful about property disputes or coverage expectations? We take away all of the concerns and leave you to concentrate on the commercialization of your system. 

Site Construction
We can develop the site completely after Acquisition. From the foundation to the last bulb on the tower; even if it needs to withstand 200MPH hurricane winds, we will build it for you. The shelters can be relocatable or fixed; the towers can be guyed or self-supporting and the land can be open field or fenced-in...we will build it, to suit your needs. 

Have existing sites? Want to expand in several areas all at once? We know the folks that will buy your sites and lease it back to you in installments...putting working capital right in your hands. Whether your investment is $200K or $200MM, let us explore the options together. 

Project Financing

From finding the right investors to getting the right loan, we are your source. Project financing begins at USD$500K and goes up as high as your needs require. 


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